Infrastructures are fundamental for the growth of a country, creating business opportunities and connections, that generate work and a virtuous circle that improves economy of a Nation.

But to create a real and tangible virtuous circle, infrastructures must be safe.

Since 1955 Snoline mission is to contribute to this growth by developing products and services that make roads safer. For over 50 years Snoline works hard to save lives every day. Snoline uses all its resources and its passion to increase customer’s satisfaction, by producing and providing the best products and services for road safety.

Our challenge is to make sure that our products and services are perceived by our customer as “lifesaving”.

We aim each day to:

  • Give the customer more than they expect: we are always ready to answer to customer’s needs immediately with our product, our technical support and our flexibility

  • Be aware of social responsibilities: Snoline works in the world of safety, and as such it has to act with an overall picture in mind, a global perspective, which does not neglect local need. We have to act locally to improve social habitat and think globally to contribute to a sustainable development, which fully preserves the environment.