About Snoline

Since 1955, Snoline has been actively engaged in the design, production and installation of systems for road safety, road markings and road mobility.

The 4 main product lines are:

ROAD SAFETY SYSTEMS (crash cushions, gate systems, end terminals, systems for motorcyclists protection, TMAs - Truck Mounted Attenuators, ...)

ROAD MARKINGS (temporary tape)

ROAD ACCESSORIES (speed bumps, delineating kerbs, ...)

INTELLIGENT MOBILITY (QMB - Quickchange Moveable Barrier).

Other products were added over the years to the Snoline product range to extend and complement it, so that we are always closer to market's needs.

Moreover, Snoline is able to offer technical assistance, from design to implementation, while supporting the customer in all stages of the process, trying to understand and interpret his needs in order to develop products that increase client’s satisfaction.

Snoline, manufactures CE marked products according to existing standards and it is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.