Organizational Model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/01

Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 (hereinafter, the "Decree") states a form of liability for Companies for certain types of crimes committed by its directors and employees and by individuals acting in the name of or on behalf of Snoline Spa (“Snoline”).

In order to comply with the terms of this Decree, Snoline has prepared its own Organizational, Management and Control Model (or "Model") and has assigned to a Monitoring Body.

This Monitoring Body, has its own autonomous powers of initiative and control, plus the task of monitoring the operation of and compliance with the Model, as well as updating the Model.

Reporting to the Monitoring Body

As part of its duty of control, the Monitoring Body must be informed immediately of any information which may relate to breaches, even potential breaches, of the Model.

In accordance with the duties of the Monitoring Body, all Employees and Contractors and Recipients of the Organizational Model who are aware of, or suspect, any breach of the law, ethics or company practices must inform the Monitoring Body of this, using the following email address:

or by post to the following address:

Organismo di Vigilanza di Snolina Spa

Via F. Baracca 19/23 20056

Trezzo (MI - Milan)

The confidentially of all reports will be guaranteed and there will be no forms of reprisal, discrimination or punishment against persons sending such reports.

The following is available to Recipients of the Model and any other interested parties:

The Organizational, Management and Control Model - General Section.

Snoline’s directors, employees, agents and commercial representatives and, all other external individuals (suppliers, professionals) who have been contracted by Snoline, all identified as Recipients by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, must apply the terms of the Organizational Model when they act in the name of or on behalf of Snoline.

Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics shall lead to sanctions being applied by Snoline.