PROFILINE T14 A Temporary Tape

PROFILINE T 14 A PROFILINE T 14 allows clear traffic management in work zones during night and wet conditions thanks to its profiled structure.

The design shape allows the slide runoff of rainwater, thus avoiding the possibility of dangerous drifts, and makes the road marking particularly visible, thanks to the high retroreflectivity of the glass beads, which in this way are effective from all angles.

The polymeric structure of high quality and anti-skid particles, consisting of extremely hard alumina particles, provide PROFILINE T 14 A high durability and increased skid resitance. In addition, they provide the perfect and total removability without leaving those dangerous signs, which can confuse the driver and which ruin the new pavements, forcing authorities to expensive restoration.

Tested at BASt has reached the level P7.