RALSAFE Speed Hump

RALSAFE is a device developed to warn drivers that they are approaching a danger spot and persuade them to slow down.

RALSAFE is a hump with a circular section, moulded in rubber with a mix consisting of 60-70% vulcanized recycled material.

RALSAFE consists of:

  • a black intermediate element made from indented anti-skid rubber, interspersed with yellow inserts of the same width made from retroreflecting elastoplastic tape for improved visibility and safety in normal conditions and to guarantee visibility in conditions of poor visibility, rain, fog, etc.
  • a black terminal element made from indented non-skid rubber, with a beveled edge, to allow the edge to slope down to the ground without sudden variations in height. The elements also have lateral beveling to allow water to run off and a junction tooth to guarantee alignment and greater resistance to traffic. Each element is fixed to the ground by anchor bolts fixed by mechanical or chemical means.



Speed: less than 50 km/h

Intermediate elements: 600 x 330 x h 30 mm or 600 x 500 x h 30 mm

Terminal element: 600 x 180 x h 30 mm


Speed: less than 40 km/h

Intermediate elements: 900 x 330 x h 50 mm or 900 x 500 x h 50 mm

Terminal element: 900 x 260 x h 50 mm