S-A-B Barrier Gate

Provides Safe Access Points in Central Reservations.

The EN 1317-2-4 S-A-B Barrier Gate is a steel reinforced gate designed for emergency openings, contraflow applications and work zone access. The S-A-B Barrier Gate can be safely opened and closed, partially or totally, without expensive electrical power supplies or sophisticated controls system in under 10 minutes. Secure locking systems are also available to assure authorized usage only.

The S-A-B Barrier Gate is suitable for all road types with a median barrier or central reservation: Motorways, country roads, city streets for all speed categories.


  • Open/close in less than 10 minutes even in snow
  • Expandable design
  • Quick and easy to install
  • High flexibility and safety
  • Meets en1317-2 and env 1317-4 criteria


Length - 8,68 – 108,50 m

Width - 500 mm

Height - 1100 mm

Weight - 123 kg/m

Test Standard - EN 1317-2-4