WALT Crash Cushion

The protection of concrete barrier’s end in work areas has been a big problem so far.

For this reason Snoline spa has developed WALT, workzone absorbing light terminal: the best solution to protect people from impacting concrete barrier in temporary workzone location thanks to the ease of handling the WALT is a highly efficient non-redirective crash cushion tested for impacts at speeds up to 80km/h in accordance with European Standard EN 1317-3, Test Level 80/1.

This system has been developed starting from the same concept of the TAU family. It has the similar structure in bays made up by lateral 3-beam panels, sliding support structures and biconical patented cartridges able to absorb the impact energy both in a pneumatic and in a mechanical way. It is equipped with a special-made attachment plate that supports the whole structure and is directly fixed to the concrete barrier without any further ground anchoring so that the installation procedure will take less than 30 minutes.

The WALT system has also 4 wheels in order to facilitate its handling during installation, maintenance and relocation. This system is mostly restorable by replacing only the damaged components after the impact.

The WALT system is ideal for treating most hazard points in work zone thanks to its peculiar features.

The WALT system is available also for permanent use. Connection to other type of barriers has been studied too.