X-TENSION DS P4 Double Sided Terminal

X-Tension Double Side Median End Terminal features excellent impact performance and easy installation at an affordable price, with no foundation required. By using standard guardrail parts and superior engineering, this low cost median terminal offers the same life saving performance expected of traditional fully redirective crash cushions without the cost.

X-Tension  DS is suitable for all road types: Motorways, country roads, city streets for speed categories up to 110 km/h.

X-Tension DS is safe. The impact force held in tension therefore there is less chance of kinked rail.

X-Tension DS is easy to transport.

X-Tension DS is tested according ENV 1317-4 and NCHRP 350 at 110km/h.

X-TensionDS is a tension based system.

General Specifications:

Hazard Width Range w/o transitions - 560 -710 mm

Length - 12 m

Height - 813 mm