X-TENSION P4 End Terminal

Absorbing guardrail end terminal

The unique X-Tension 110 P4 System is a tension based, energy absorbing guardrail end terminal. The X-Tension 110 P4 Guardrail End Terminal offers exceptional energy absorbing capabilities in head on impacts. The X-Tension 110 System consists of an impact head, a slider assembly, a cable anchor bracket, a foundation anchor assembly, two cable assemblies, a ground strut, steel breakaway posts and three posts and three 2-beam standard panels.

  • The X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal is capable of redirecting vehicles impacting the side of the system or absorbing impact energy during head-on events at speeds up to 110 km/h.
  • The X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal is suitable for all road types: Motorways, country roads, city streets for speed categories up to 110 km/h.
  • The X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal holds impact force in tension, therefore there is less chance of kinked rail.
  • The X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal is easy to install.
  • The X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal is tested according ENV 1317-4 and NCHRP 350 TL-3 at 110km/h.

Using the X-Tension 110 P4 Terminal improves safety, is easy to maintain and repair after impact. The X-Tension 110 Guardrail End Treatment has been specifically engineered for easy installation and maintenance cost savings. Superior redirective, non-gating performance means clear zone grading begins at post one rather than post three on conventional gating terminals. This guardrail end treatment system design consists of a high percentage of common guardrail components and a lightweight impact head.

These features combined with interchangeability between tangent and flared guardrail end treatment systems helps keep inventory costs low, results in less installation hours, less grading hours and repair cost savings. The X-Tension Guardrail End Treatment is available with either wood or steel posts and with either wood or composite blockouts.

General Specifications:

Hazard Width Range - 560 -710 mm

Length - 12 m

Height - 813 mm